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Family Farming Specialty Peppers in the San Francisco Bay Area Since 1980

Tapas Grade Padrón Peppers

Housemade Hot Pepper Sauces and Relishes

Handcrafted Paprika and Pimenton

  • vial

    A .5 oz vial of our Sweet Pimenton. Made from sweet ripe Piquillo and Piment d' Anglet Peppers, this Pimenton is great in any dish or marinade...


    A .5 oz vial of our Sweet Paprika made from our ripe Piquillo Peppers known for their bright color and complex flavor. A Happy Quail Farms'...


    A .5 oz vial of our Mulatto Paprika made from a blend of Chilaca Pasilla and mild Mulatto Poblano peppers.